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Studying Abroad Hi everyone! My name is Kaycee and I am currently 8, 581(13,810 km) miles from home. I’m 21 and I’m a senior at The University of North Texas, but I’ll be living and working (study abroad internship ) in Sydney, Australia for the next eight weeks. I’m writing this blog so you can […]


Who is cleaning up Sydney Harbour Catchment??

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Sydney eco tourism specialist EcoTreasures join forces with international student groups to help clean up marine debris from Sydney Harbour Catchment Who is helping cleaning up Sydney Harbour Catchment?? EcoTreasures Sydney Harbour Beach clean program Collins Flat located in Sydney Harbour National Park, Manly was in a very polluted state after the huge storm in June […]


The search for the Kings of Camouflage – The Cuttle Fish

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It’s time to brave the cold and search for the Kings of Camouflage – The Cuttle Fish. This time of year we get Giant Cuttle Fish coming close the coast off Sydney during their breeding season. Join us to witness one of natures most amazing creatures. For tour information go to Ecotourism Australia Manly […]