Exploring the Northern Beaches of Sydney during holidays

Christmas Holidays on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

What should we do? where should we go?

The key to enjoying the holiday time is to have a flexible schedule. As the city and beaches boom when the holidays roll around, it is time to sit back and not rush around. Traffic will be busy, parking will be busier the beach will be busier, but that is part of the summer of Sydney. When the weather is hot and the beach is dreamy,everyone from weekend warriors, surfers, tourist, locals and Sydney siders exploring their own backyard or showing around visiting friends and family wants to enjoy the clear crisps water of Sydney’s coastline.

Here are my top 5 tips to enjoy the holidays period on the Northern beaches

  • Start your day as early as possible
  • Walk everywhere and avoid getting in your car. Think about parking and how long it will take
  • Pack lunch and drinks while you explore so you don’t have to wait in lines
  • Don’t travel with someone who loves to complain
  • If a location is in a blog it is not a secret and will be busy – set your expectations correctly

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