International Internship: How’s it going?

What I’ve Been Up To:

So, last time I wrote on this blog I said I was going to go skydiving. Update: That didn’t happen! It will soon. In due time, friends, in due time. I did swim with a giant cuttlefish, multiple schools of fish, and a few sharks though! It was incredible to say the least. I won’t lie to y’all, I was mildly terrified and worried that the ‘tiny’ sharks would attack me for no reason (thanks for making me watch Jaws about a thousand times, dad), but that was not the case. I was very paranoid that a shark would bite my hand or something and that I’d lose a pinky finger, (like I don’t necessarily need that finger, but I don’t want to lose it, ya know?), but after the initial shock wore off, it was strangely peaceful. I did hear the Jaws theme song in my head for the entire duration of the snorkel, but as I said, there was actually nothing to be worried about and it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had to date! Thanks, ECOTREASURES!

So, how did I get here? How did I manage to get this international internship? How did I end up at Shelly Beach swimming with some funny looking sea creatures and worried about losing my pinky?

Good Question! The easiest answer is that I hopped on the 2nd longest flight in the world (from Dallas to Sydney) and ended up in the land down under. In reality, however, it was much more complicated than that. Let me tell ya about it!

  • The Process:
    • On a random day last January, I saw a poster in one of my school buildings that advertised studying abroad and had really cool pictures on it. I’m a sucker for a good picture. I mean I’ll buy just about anything that looks good in a picture. Marketing well done, UNT. So, I went to the UNT Study Abroad office to ask some questions and picked up some brochures and catalogs. I got on my computer and did some research to try and find things that would fit into my degree plan and stumbled across the ISA Internship Program. I saw some more cool pictures and easily set my mind on Australia and never looked back! To be honest, everything after that was a rather long, slightly confusing, and drawn out process, but it was so worth the hours of work that it took to get here!

How did I choose (quite literally) where in the world I wanted to intern?

  • Another good question! I chose Australia because it looked like an amazing place to visit (which means that I creeped on @australia instagram account) and because I knew that I wanted to go to a place that spoke English.
  • Oh, that reminds me…I’ve decided that I may want to start learning another language! I went on a hike with 15 German teenagers (via ECOTREASURES) and was fascinated that almost everyone in the group spoke at least four languages! WHAT?! Crazy, right?! So, that got me thinking about how English is my first language and I’m still not that great at it. Haha But, really, I might just pick up one of those French for Dummies books and see how it goes!:) I’ll keep y’all updated.


Some of my favourite things about Australia (so far):

Barrenjoey Lighthouse! I might just go back every single weekend. 😉

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Manly sunsets!!!

Australian coffee is better, I swear it

Going on new adventures and meeting new people from all over the world with ECOTREASURES!!

More coffee!!!

Being an Intern for ECOTREASURES:

So far, so good. I’ve been on some incredible tours and seen so many beautiful sights. I wish that the pictures I’ve taken could do the views some justice, but, sadly, they don’t. I mean the pictures are good, don’t get me wrong….They just aren’t near as good as witnessing that beauty in real life.

I could not ask for a better internship or boss to show me the ropes. Thank you ISA Internship Program and UNT Study Abroad for hooking me up with the best job ever! I’m learning so many things about myself and having the time of my life!

What’s to come?

Next week I’m going to Cairns with my United States buddies who I met through the ISA program. We’re going snorkeling, scuba diving, dinner cruising, horseback riding through the Daintree rainforest, and ATV four – wheeling…And maybeeee skydiving. We’ll see. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Until next time my loves!!

Xoxo – Kaycee the Intern

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