Minimal impact tourism

Basin SUP Safari

How can you reduce your impact??? Education, awareness and enjoyment is what will help protect our natural environment. As we enjoy, we can connect, escape and understand the true priceless value of mother nature. The common feeling humans share is the vast wonder of the natural world and all that lives on this earth. Watching […]


Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Marine wildlife identification list

ECOTREASURES Giant Cuttle fish Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Shelly Beach image 3

Please see below our research list of the Marine Wildlife of Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Manly. To learn more about the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve join our Advanced Eco Tourism Certified Manly Snorkel Tour. The experience starts with an educational interpretative walk around Shelly Headland, then we hit the water and explore the […]


Dine and discover voucher update

FREE  4 x $25 Dine and Discover vouchersfor you coming soon from Service NSW Merry New year and happy freedom, We have applied to be a provider for the discover and dine scheme, and we should know very soon if you can use you FREE dine and discover vouchers with us. 2 discover x $25 vouchers for […]


Experience the Sydney Dusky Whaler Season

Dusky Whalers Sharks Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly The Dusky Whaler Shark season has begun. We tend to spot one or two Juveniles Dusky Whaler Shark around January on the Manly snorkel tour. Jeremy one of our guides had his first sighting on the 14th Jan 2020. The amazing thing about the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve […]


Try something new – SUPing

Trying something new is always fun and exciting. Sometimes we wait until we are on holidays to actually have some fun. Sydney is amazing with water everywhere. Did you know, there are a lot of people, who focus on each day and how to make the most of it and Sydney’s world class landscape. It […]


Tree Planting with Fifteen Trees

Fifteen trees making positive impact to restore our damaged landscape We have linked up with fifteen trees to help them achieve their mission. They plants trees to restore natural eco systems and heal and link wildlife corridors on public and private land. For more information go to their website Here are some trees we help […]


Sydney Coastline – Northern Beaches

Sydney’s Coastline is world class – Natural Sculptures by the Sea Sydney is a very big city to explore. You have a vibrant city scene with trendy places to spend loads of money if that is what your keen to do. Like all big cities all around the world you can just walk, explore to […]


Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey’s with ECOTREASURES

duke of ed adventurous journey

Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Registered Duke of Ed activity provider We are very happy to announce ECOTREASURES is officially an registered activity provider with Duke of Edinburghs International Award. We have created some unique programs to suit the aims and objectives of the award. We have consulted with many teachers and spoke with students […]