5 Family-friendly things to do in Manly with kids

Private Snorkel Tour manly

Manly Beach and Playground: Spend a day at the iconic Manly Beach, where kids can build sandcastles, swim in the gentle waves, and enjoy the sun. Adjacent to the beach is a fantastic playground with swings, slides, and climbing equipment. It’s a perfect spot for young children to burn off some energy. Ferry Ride to […]


Experience the Sydney Dusky Whaler Season

Dusky Whalers Sharks Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly The Dusky Whaler Shark season has begun. We tend to spot one or two Juveniles Dusky Whaler Shark around January on the Manly snorkel tour. Jeremy one of our guides had his first sighting on the 14th Jan 2020. The amazing thing about the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve […]


Joel Parkinson and Family Snorkel Tour

Pro surfer Joel Parkinson and his family explore Manly’s underwater world with ECOTRAESURES Mich from ECOTREASURES took the Parkinson’s on private snorkel tour of Manly at Fairlight Beach during the VISSLA Sydney Pro. Manly has been showcasing the wide variety of fun activities to do, and different locations to explore to the Parkinson’s during their […]