Try something new – SUPing

Trying something new is always fun and exciting. Sometimes we wait until we are on holidays to actually have some fun. Sydney is amazing with water everywhere. Did you know, there are a lot of people, who focus on each day and how to make the most of it and Sydney’s world class landscape.

It can be very hard with life commitments, but it is time you tried something new and let yourself have some fun. Learning something new or refining your skills, keeps your mind active and engaged and helps you stay motivated increasing happiness. SUPing is a great sport for this.

You can try SUPing in a range of locations and weather conditions to always keep you pushing your comfort and skill level. Everyone goes to the gym, so why not actually have some fun, soak up mother nature while you get fit.

The great outdoors of Sydney is very special with an abundance of waterways. Check out this article from SMH about SUPing

ECOTREASURES offer tours and lessons and self guided tour for you to check out intro Basin SUP Safari or SUP hire or for experienced paddlers you can go on 3hr adventure on Pittwater SUP Safari get in touch for private lessons at range of locations.

Sydney paddle boarding

Great Spots to SUP in Sydney

Palm Beach

Long Reef

Narrabeen Lake


The Basin



Sydney paddle boarding
Sydney paddle boarding

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