Soft Surf Boards, BodyBoards and Nipper Boards Online Shop

Have fun in the waves with your friends and family

EcoTreasures provides you with a great rage of Soft Surf Boards, Nipper Boards and Bodyboards

EcoTreasures Soft Surf Boards and Nipper Boards Online Shop provides you with a great range of boards to suit a range of sizes. Shipped your door or pick up available. Choose from complete  Our online shop includes different shapes and sizes boards. If you would like to ask any questions please email Damien or call 0415 121 648 so we can help you find what you are looking for.

Soft Surf Boards, Nipper Boards and Bodyboards Online Shop

Soft boards shop Malibu Mini

Malibu Mini 6’2 $229.95

Malibu Mini 7’0 $259.95

Malibu Maxi 8’0 $299.95

  • Flat Deck with shape to the rocker
  • Designed for catching waves and stability for confidence to improve technique
  • Tri-fin set up for driving turns,
  • Choice of 5 designs
  • 4 stringers and HDX core to give high strength and low weight

soft board online shop-pro-soft-6ft-blue

Pro Soft Short Board 6’0 $279.95

  • Surf without hurt – soft deck
  • Hi-performance shape
  • 3 Large Hi-performance fins with lease and plug
  • Range of colours available



soft board onlie shop-pro-soft-cal-7ft-white

Pro Soft 7’0, 8’0, & 9’0 $329.95

  • Full-body board & rail shape with extra volume through the nose and tail for increased buoyancy
  • 4 laminated stringers for strength & manoeuvrability
  • High density slick bottom for greater glide across the wave
  • Generous rocker prevents nose diving
  • 3 fins
  • Range of colours


Sotf board online shop-revolution-malibu-7ft-blue

Revolution Malibu 7’0, 8’0 & 9’0 $329.95

  • Progressive full rails, Improved rocker, Thiner overall profile
  • Slick deck, slick bottom
  • Revolution series technology
  • 3 x performance fins
  • Plywood stringer
  • Range of colours


soft board online shop-quickstick-blue

Quick Stick 6’0 $279.95

soft board online shop-wave-rider-blue-5ft

Wave Rider 5’0 $99.95

  • Great stability for paddle confidence and to help progression to carving turns
  • Durable high density XPE soft top and slick bottom gives you a smooth ride across the water
  • Pink or Blue

soft board online shop-surf-buster-4ft-blue

Surf Buster 4’0 $79.95

  • Designed for fun
  • Durable high density XPE soft top, low impact construction to help avoid injuries tot he riders and others in water
  • Light weight, so kids can handle them with ease
  • Slick bottom give you a smooth ride across the water


soft board online shop Sunset Tri-Fin 6ft Mustard

Sunset Tri Fin Performance 6’0 x 19.5′ $279.95

  • High performance shape
  • A board which has speed to burn and turning abilities
  • Slick bottom, wooden stringer
  • 3 fins
  • Round square tail
  • Blue or yellow


Soft board online shop -Surfoplane-Fish 6'6

Sunset Fish Tri Fin Performance 6’6 x 21′ $279.95

  • High performance shape
  • A board which has speed to burn and turning abilities
  • Slick bottom, wooden stringer
  • 3 fins
  • Round square tail
  • Blue or yellow

sotf board online shop Byron Bay Logger 7ft Mustard

Byron Bay Logger 8’0 $379.95

Byron Bay Logger 7’0 $329.95

  • Hi-Performance shape and fins
  • 3 wooden laminated stringers
  • Stiffer, thinner and more buoyant
  • Soft EVA foam rails
  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Blue or Yellow available


soft board online shop Surfoplane

Surfoplane Wedge Surf Mat $44.95

Surfoplane Wedge Junior Surf Mat $39.95

  • Super fun and easy to transport
  • A cotton fabric top
  • Junior and adult sizes

soft board online shop Surfo grip body board

Surfo-Grip Body Board 39′ $79.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 41′ $89.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 42.5′ $99.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 45′ $99.95

  • Power – flex twin stringers. Stiffness while allowing twist, flex and fantastic power manoeuvres
  • Progrip moulded finger, thumb, and elbow grips for grip control
  • 60/40 Chine rails for excellent carving in small and large surf
  • High density EPS core for incredible strength and durability
  • Twin channel, crescent tail for speed and control

soft board online shop -kirra-club-trainer-55%22

Kirra Club Trainer 5’5 $179.95

Kirra Club Trainer 6’2 $229.95

  • Soft nipper training board, perfect for developing paddling/surf skills
  • Thermo bond construction along with HDX core to provide greater stiffness and strength
  • Rounded rail gives the board remarkable manoeuvrability
  • Single fin and 2 pairs of padded soft grip handles mean the board performs like a professional club board


soft board online shop-bondi-race-trainer-7ft

Bondi Race Trainer 7′ $229.95

  • Rocker design for maximum speed
  • Sunken deck to secure body position during paddling and waves riding
  • Back handles to enable weight to be moved back and to retain control on steeper waves
  • Large single fin for maximum stability with safety conscious design
  • Rail design and shape makes for remarkable manoeuvrability
  • Soft, sure grip handles
  • Forward handles to enable duck diving & assist in moving weight forward to catch smaller waves