Manly Coastal Walking Tour

Explore Sydney’s coastline on foot

Advanced Ecotourism CertifiedTour description

ECOTREASURES, will guide you along an amazing part of the Australian East Coast on a unique immersive Eco tour right outside Sydney’s door step. Enjoy the breath taking views of the Pacific Ocean from Manly and North Head while you search for Dolphins, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Insects, and Whales during migration season (May-Nov) on the Advanced Eco Tourism Certified Manly Coastal Whale Walking Tour. Observe and learn about native Australian wildlife, seasons of the seas, and the landscape of Sydney, the East Coast current, local and transit marine species, marine habitats, marine fauna, lagoons, headlands, rock platforms, sandy beaches, and the terrestrial flora and fauna of the area.

Your fun and friendly guide will share their knowledge of the local area to increase your knowledge and inspire you to help support conservation. We also provide a voluntary collection of marine debris option during the walk. The data is recorded and submitted to a national database. You can enjoy the environment and contribute at the same time!



Tour inclusions

  • Interpretive guided tour with an experienced local
  • 4 hour guided Manly Coastal Whale Walking Tour of North Head, Manly
  • Binoculars included
  • National Park entry fee
  • Gloves for rubbish removal
  • Visit complimentary drink water fountains

Tour Highlights

  • Contribute to UN sustainable development goal #14 Life Below the water –  by removing marine debris
  • Search for the native wildlife of Manly including Water Dragons, Crabs, Molluscs, Echidnas, Kookaburras, Cormorants, and Cockatoos while experiencing amazing views
  • Visit Sydney Harbour National Park and local Aquatic Reserves
  • Whale watching in season (May-October)
  • Discover the Australian coastal culture of Manly from your local guide
  • Visit World War II sites and discuss North Heads fortification heritage
  • Watch local surfers & learn about waves and the surfing heritage of Manly
  • Voluntary removal of rubbish along the walk

You will make a difference – Help the eco system

Your efforts to remove marine debris from the Sydney Harbour Catchment will make a difference! Every piece collected from the marine system will prevent wildlife being harmed by the pollution.  We have partnered up with Tangaroa Blue Foundation to help collect data about marine debris. Rubbish collected on walks will be recorded under a nationally recognised methodology created by Tangaroa Blue Foundation.  The data you collect will be submitted to the Australian Marine Debris Database and then used to help create solutions that stop marine debris at the source.

Meeting  location: Manly Wharf
Duration: 4 hours (Shorter walk duration available for group bookings)

Pricing: Adult $79 per person, Child $69 per person

How to book:

Click on the availability tab on the left side of this page to check group tour available dates and to book online. Private tours available by request. If you have any questions please email or call 0415 121 648

What to bring:
  • Swimming gear
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Re-fillable drink bottle
  • Walking shoes
  • Polarised sunglasses (with strap) to see through the water while paddling


How to get there:

Catch Manly Ferry from Circular Quay or bus/drive to Manly.

Please go to the EcoTreasures home page to view the Sydney Eco Tours we offer

Extra information:
  • Minimum numbers to run tour: 6, Maximum: 15 of one group  (Multiple groups and sessions available for large requests)
  • The Manly Walking tour is only for groups which means if there is a booking request of less than 6 people then the minimum charge of 6 people applies. Dates are subject to availability. Our reservation staff will inform you of available dates during the booking process.
  • Picnic lunch is available by request. Quotes available
  • Bus Transport option also available for group – Quote available on group size
  • A variety of other locations around Sydney Beach areas, National Parks and the Harbour area are available for group booking requests. Ask Damien for details via email or call 0415 121 648 and we can customise a walk to suit your request.

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