Sydney Coastline – Northern Beaches

Sydney’s Coastline is world class – Natural Sculptures by the Sea

Sydney is a very big city to explore. You have a vibrant city scene with trendy places to spend loads of money if that is what your keen to do. Like all big cities all around the world you can just walk, explore to see what is around the next corner. Sometimes people get too caught up with doing what ever one tells them “they must do” and then they just end up doing the same things as everyone else. If you just go with the flow you can make your Sydney journey unique and perfect for you.

Sydney’s coastline is forever changing as the sandstone is shaped by the heart beat of the coast. Each wave and each tide combined with wind and rain have shaped and carve shapes into the landscape. Locals of Sydney will all tell you the different shapes they see in the cliffs from silhouettes or face profiles depending on which way you are looking at the cliff faces. I guess it starts as kids when your imagination is at its best, sitting in the surf with clear minds.

Recently on the Northern Beaches of Sydney we have had some land slips at North Head and North Avalon. Huge amount of Sandstone broke and feel changing the coastline forever. This is only very minor compared to major ocean event in the past, but it is still cool to see the world change shape and  also no one was hurt. I remember as a kid going surfing at North Bilgola Beach and a rock slip happened as I was walking up the beach in heavy rain. It was a huge tud that was massive. You don’t want to be anywhere this rock coming down. Also at South Avalon one of the houses lost a big chunk of their back yard. There was a rumour the guy mowing the lawn caused it.

If you want to have an awesome coastal trek you can walk all of Sydney’s coastlines and harbour bays. Each beach you discover, you will see a unique rock formation depending on the aspect of the beach and what wind and swells the open coast is exposed to. You do need to respect the ocean and these rock areas as they are fragile and best to go with knowledge and skills to ensure you stay safe. You can still walk this coast with out having to get to extreme.


Sydney coastline Northern beaches

Sydney coastlines northern beaches

Sydney coastline northern beaches

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