Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Marine wildlife identification list

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Please see below our research list of the Marine Wildlife of Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve Manly. To learn more about the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve join our Advanced Eco Tourism Certified Manly Snorkel Tour. The experience starts with an educational interpretative walk around Shelly Headland, then we hit the water and explore the underwater world. Join a tour group of book your own private group session.

Marine Vertebrates

Port Jackson Shark

Grey Nurse Shark

Spotted Wobbegong

Common Stingaree

Southern Eagle Ray

Green Moray

Sergeant Baker

Striped Catfish

Eastern Frogfish

Pink Clingfish

Smooth Flute Mouth

Weedy Sea Dragon

Eastern Fortescue

Eastern Red Scorpionfish

Red Gurnard

Spiny Gurnard


Tassel-snouted flathead

Eastern Wirrah

Half-banded seaperch

Eastern Hulafish

Sydney Cardinalfish

Long-finned Pike

Sand Whiting

Silver Trevally


Yellowfin Bream



Southern Fusilier

Blacksaddle Goatfish



Eastern Rock Blackfish

Zebra Fish

Silver Drummer


Black Rock Cod


Sea Sweep

Threadfin Butterfly Fish

Gunther’sButterfly Fish

Blackback Butterfly Fish

Beaked Coral Fish

Yellowtail Anglefish

Coral Beauty

Old Wife

Narrow-Banded Sergeant Major

Scissortail Sergeant

Immaculate Damselfish


Gridled Scalyfin

One spot Puller

Yellow Back Puller

Coral Sea Gregory

Neon Damselfish

Eastern Kelpfish

Rock Cale

Red Morwong

Banded Morwong

Magpie Morwong

Bastard Trumpeter

Goldspot Mullet

Eastern Blue Groper

Twospot Bristletooth

Pink-lined Wrasse

Painted Rainbow Wrasse

Elegant Wrasse

Cloud Wrasse

Slender Rainbow Wrasse

Black Spotted Wrasse

Common Cleaner Fish

Gunther’s Wrasse

Crimson-banded Wrasse

Maori Wrasse

Snakeskin Wrasse

Choat’s Wrasse

Broken lined Wrasse

Blue-headed Wrasse

Moon Wrasse

Green Moon Wrasse

Rainbow Cale

Herring Cale

Blue-barred orange parrotfish

Spotted Dragonet

Yellow Sabretooth blenny

False Cleaner Fish

Painted Stinkfish

Sawetail Surgeonfish

Convict Surgeonfish

Pencilled Surgeonfish

Blue Spine Unicornfish

Moorish Idol

Large Tooth Flounder

Wedge-Tailed Triggerfish

Half-Moon Triggerfish

Toothbrush Leatherjacket

Rough Leatherjacket

Velvet Leatherjacket

Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket

Tasselled Leatherjacket

Yellow Stripped Leatherjacket

Six-spined Leatherjacket

Yellow-finned Leatherjacket

Black Reef Leatherjacket

Mosaic Leatherjacket

Gillblotch Leatherjacket

Eastern Smooth Box Fish

Starry Pufferfish

Globe fish

Threebar Porcupinefish

Marine Invertebrates


Acorn Barnacal

Hinged-back Shrimp

Slipper Lobster

Rock Lobster

Decorator Crab

Hermit Crab

Blue Swimmer Crab


According the the Australian Museum “Bryozoans are minute colonial animals. Individual members of the colony are called zooids, which come in a huge variety of shapes, colours and arrangements. Some colonies form intricate and spectacular patterns. “

Blue Green Bryozoan

Kelp Sea Mat Bryozoan


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