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EcoTreasures provides you with a great rage of snorkeling equipment for kids and adults

EcoTreasures Online Snorkel Shop provides you with a great range of high quality equipment for kids and adults. Choose from complete snorkel sets or individual gear depending or what you are looking for. We operate snorkeling tours in Sydney and over the years we have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge about snorkeling gear while helping our customers on tour. Our snorkeling equipment online shop includes top end products, mid range and entry level equipment to suit all shapes and sizes and skill levels. If you would like to ask any questions please email Damien or call 0415 121 648 so we can help you find what you are looking for.

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Snorkel set-dolphin-setDolphin complete snorkel, mask and fin set Adult $69.95

  • Sizes Child, Jnr, Sm-Med, Lrge-Xlrge
  • Adjustable foot strap, multisize fit
  • Splash guard, purge, flexi tube
  • Comfortable fit
  • Mesh carry bag

Adventurer complete snorkel setAdventurer Complete Snorkel Set $59.95

  • Available in sizes from XXS-XL
  • Sturdy mesh PVC carry bag
  • Quality full foot thermo blade fin
  • Comfort fit silicone mask
  • Splash guard snorkel with purge

snorkel mask and fins divers-set-complete-snorkel-packPower Fin Set – Professional set $99.95

  • Sizes Sm-Med & Lge-Xlge
  • Fantastic quality and value
  • New fin, superb quality open heal
  • Thermo blade, scuba- snorkeling fins
  • Quality silicone mask & snorkel featuring splash guard & purge
  • Also includes sturdy mesh backpackSnorkel set-black-mirror-snorkel-set

Black Mirror Snorkel and Mask $89.95

  • The unique reflective lens allows you to get up close to the fish as they don’t see your eyes
  • Low volume mask with silicone super fit comfort seal
  • Drop away Flexi with replaceable mask and muscle clip
  • Easy sighting splashguard, black silicone mouth piece
  • 2 purge valves

Snorkeling masks aristocrat-twinlens-silic-set


Aristocrat Silicone Twin Lens Mask and Snorkel $59.95

  • Splash guard, purge and flexi tube
  • Extra low volume twin lens
  • Crystal silicone lens

Snorkeling gear-aristocrat-one-lens-silic-set

Aristocrat Silicone Single Lens Mask and Snorkel $59.95

  • Splash guard, purge and flexi tube
  • Clear single silicone lens

snorkeling masks black-marlin-silicone-set

Black Marlin Mask and Snorkel $79.95

  • Low volume mask with silicone super fit comfort seal
  • Drop away flexi tube with replaceable mask clip
  • Easy sighting splash guard
  • Twin purge chamber & Deluxe snorkel mouth piece

Snorkel and mask set-kakadu-junior-set

Kakadu Snorkel and Mask Set $29.95

  • Small bore snorkel with splash guard and purge
  • Silicone skirt for comfort and seal
  • Strong poly carbonate frame
  • Perfect for junior sizes

Snorkel and mask-penguin-set

Penguin Contemporary Twin Lens Style Mask and Snorkel $24.95

  • Splash guard, purge, flexi tube
  • Small bore makes it easy to breath
  • Snorkel has the latest splashguard to prevent water entering the snorkel and purge for easy clearing of water in the snorkel
  • Very popular junior mask

    Snorkell mask Diplomat

Diplomat Snorkel Mask $39.95

  • Crystal or black mask silicone models available
  • Fits wide range of face types
  • Great fit and comfort

Snorkel mask Robust Sprite

Robust Sprite Snorkel Mask $35.95

  • Crystal silicone
  • Robust single lens frame
  • Generous skirt ensures great fit and seal

Great Barrier Reef snorkel mask

Great Barrier Reef Mask $19.95

  • Silicone skirt
  • Crystal or black
  • Great value mask for smaller faces

Snorkeling mask black-marlin

Black Marlin Snorkel Mask $59.95

  • Black mask silicone
  • Low volume ideal for scuba
  • Black silicone will enhance the divers clarity of vision reducing refracted light


Turbo Thermo Blade Flippers $29.95

  • Great power and comfort
  • Super soft with thermo rubber foot pocket
  • Powerful EVA blade offers extraordinary thrust
  • High temperature production process to resist the harsh Australian sun


Thruster Fins $33.45

  • 100% rubber
  • The choice of swimming instructors throughout Australia
  • Quality rubber with ultra violet and ozone protection ensures comfort and durability


Express Fin $49.95

  • Colour coded sizes
  • High quality 100% rubber

Snorkel gear-clearwater-snorkel

 Clearwater Snorkel $12.95

  • Splash guard, purge chamber
  • Swing away mouth piece


Snorkel gearmaldives-snorkel

Maldives Snorkel $12.95

  • Splash guard, purge chamber
  • Swing away mouth piece
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