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Sunrise Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) Pittwater groups

Ecotreasures Sunrise SUP club Paddle boarding Pittwater has been paddling since winter 2020. We have lead stand up paddle boarding experiences since 2010 in Sydney. The mission of our stand up paddle boarding club is to create a fun opportunity for paddlers to commit, stay fit, have fun, meet people and paddle board on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in a safe environment. The paddle boarding groups are suitable for all skills levels and first timers. We are Covid safe business and have a Covid safe plan to ensure your safety.

The Pittwater SUP Club group has a maximum 6 persons per session. All you need to do is turn up and we will have all the gear ready for you.  Enjoy using our high quality epoxy paddle boards and paddles provided.  Ecotreasures is Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) accredited paddle board school.  You will be motivated and instructed by Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) level 2 paddle board instructor Damien who is owner and founder of ECOTREASURES. Pick your preferred start date and then the fun begins. Ecotreasures sunrise Pittwater SUP club start time is 15mins before sunrise and will be confirmed by message a few days before the session.  Session dates and times will be confirmed with you once you pick your dates. We can also provide Private paddle boarding lessons to build your confidence and skills before sign up for the SUP club Pittwater group session.

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ECOTREASURES SUP Club Manly and Bayview

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Locations of Ecotreasures SUP Club Pittwater and operational days

We paddle weekly at Bayview for group sessions you can join. If you have a group we can offer different locations and any dates as requested subject to availability.

Group stand up paddle boarding club group session schedule

  • Wednesday – Pittwater – Bayview  Wednesday early bird sunrise – 15 minutes before sunrise
  • Friday – Pittwater – Bayview  Wednesday early bird sunrise – 15 minutes before sunrise
  • Saturday – Mystery location each week to explore Pittwater and Narrabeen Lake

Other Location location available for groups by request. Date and time to be confirmed. 

What’s Included at SUP Club

  • Turn up and all the gear is ready for you
  • 1 hour paddle boarding
  • Epoxy paddle board rental, paddle, and leg rope
  • Lead by ASI level 2 qualified stand up paddle board exposed waters instructor Damien
  • First aid trained instructor and qualified tour guide
  • All safe work Covid19 guideline are followed. Social distancing and cleaning of equipment
  • Book 5 or more session and get FREE wetsuit hire

Why join Ecotreasures SUP Club?

Everyone has different motivations to why we do things. Generally things that make you feel good make you feel good. Exercise and enjoying the great outdoors is one of those things thatv If you join SUP club you will get exercise on the water, watch the sunrise and start the day on a high. If you commit and join the SUP club you will see your paddle skills improve and efficiency in your paddling. Gain confidence from the instruction and motivation from your qualified ASI level 2 paddle boarding instructor. Be motivated to enjoy your landscape, have fun, stay fit and healthy.

Reason to get up early and join SUP Club:

  • You want to exercise and have fun in the great outdoors
  • See the sunrise from the water
  • You need a group to commit to, so you turn up and do your exercise
  • You want to improve you paddle boarding skills and technique with qualified ASI level 2 SUP instructor
  • You are keen to paddle board on Sydney northern beaches more often and commit to sessions
  • You can use our paddle boarding equipment – All disinfected under guidelines
  • We implemented a safe work guidelines set and practice social distancing with all sessions
  • The price is great value

How does SUP Club work?? Can I go once? How many weeks can I sign up for?

  • Each session is 1 hour
  • We have session group sessions at Bayview weekly and other spots by request
  • Book yourself into 1, 5 or 10 pack SUP club pass sessions. The more paddle boarding you book the more value you receive.
  • Maximum 6 persons per session
  • Paddle board included.

Minimal impact travel tips and information about Climate Change 

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What is the cost of SUP Club

1 x session $35pp

5 x session $125pp

10 x sessions $200pp

Frequently asked questions

    1. Can I bring my own equipment? Yes you can
    2. What are the session times? Early bird Sunrise sessions meet 15 mins before sunrise and paddle board for 1 hour.
    3. How do I sign up? Email or call 0415 121 648 to see if we have any available spots
    4. Once I have signed up how do I book in sessions? We will find out what date you want to start and then book in your sessions.
    5. What the next step? Just turn up and enjoy
    6. What happens if the session book up? We will open more days

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