Surfo-Grip Body Board

Surfo-Grip Body Board

$79.95 — $99.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 39′ $79.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 41′ $89.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 42.5′ $99.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board 45′ $99.95

Surfo-Grip Body Board Features

  • Power – flex twin stringers. Stiffness while allowing twist, flex and fantastic power manoeuvres
  • Progrip moulded finger, thumb, and elbow grips for grip control
  • 60/40 Chine rails for excellent carving in small and large surf
  • High density EPS core for incredible strength and durability
  • Twin channel, crescent tail for speed and controlsoft board online shop Surfo grip body board

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